Our services:

Metal Detectors
Vacuum Packers
Multihead Weighers
Shift Cover
  • Ceia Metal Detector
    Ceia Metal Detector
    £Call for price
  • Metal Detector Calibration And Servicing
    Metal Detector Calibration And Servicing
    £Call for price
  • Sliver Remover
    Sliver Remover
    £call for price
  • Surge Tank
    Surge Tank
    £Call for price
  • Ishida 20 Head Weigher
    Ishida 20 Head Weigher
    £call for price
  • Check Weigh UK Check Weigher
    Check Weigh UK Check Weigher
    £Call for price
  • BCH Holding Tank With Shear Mixer
    BCH Holding Tank With Shear Mixer
    £Call for price
  • Salad Spinner
    Salad Spinner
    £Call for price
  • Henkelman Falcon 2-60 Vacuum Packer
    Henkelman Falcon 2-60 Vacuum Packer
    £call for price and brochure
  • Nilma Atir Salad Washer
    Nilma Atir Salad Washer
    £Call for price
  • Metal Detector Check Weigher Combination
    Metal Detector Check Weigher Combination
    £call for price
  • Henkelman Titaan 2-90 Vacuum Packer
    Henkelman Titaan 2-90 Vacuum Packer
    £call for price and brochure
  • Fortress Metal Detector
    Fortress Metal Detector
    £call for price
  • Safeline Mettler Toledo Ferrous In Foil
    Safeline Mettler Toledo Ferrous In Foil
    £call for price
  • Stainless Steel Box Tipper
    Stainless Steel Box Tipper
    £call for price
  • Fortress Phantom Metal Detector
    Fortress Phantom Metal Detector
    £Call for price
  • Loma IQ2 Metal Detector
    Loma IQ2 Metal Detector
    £call for price
  • Large 14 Head Ishida Weigher
    Large 14 Head Ishida Weigher
    £call for price
  • Flume Washer
    Flume Washer
    £Call for price
  • Loma IQ3 Ferrous In Foil
    Loma IQ3 Ferrous In Foil
    £call for price
  • Detectronic Metal Detector
    Detectronic Metal Detector
    £call for price
  • Roller Inspection Table
    Roller Inspection Table
    £Call for price
  • Safeline Metal Detector
    Safeline Metal Detector
    £call for price
  • Cauliflower/Broccoli Floretting Machine
    Cauliflower/Broccoli Floretting Machine
    £call for price
  • De Stoner
    De Stoner
    £Call for price

Used Food Machinery

Fountain Food Machinery & Equipment specialise in the sales of new and used food processing machinery and equipment throughout the UK and Europe.

All of our used food machinery and used food equipment for sale comes with the option of being serviced and tested and we can also carry out custom made refurbishments if required.  All of our listed items available for viewing at our premises in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.  Alternatively we can provide you with an extensive range of photographs and machine specification.

If you do not see the machine that you want give us a call as not everything is listed on our website and we may be able to source your machinery requirements elsewhere.

Please feel free to contact us on:

Tel: +44 (0)1945 773487

Email: sales@fountainfoodmachinery.co.uk

Waterjet kings lynn grinders; bowl cutters; emulsifiers; dicers; conveyors; mixers; slicers; portion cutters; bakery mixers; mincers; puff pastry lines; metal detectors; check weighers; ready meals lines; pizza and dough lines; dairy and milk equipment; provers; retarder; proofer; ice cream plants; spiral freezers; volumetric fillers; compressors; fish and bone meal plants; IQF vegetable and IQF fruit freezers; ice makers; spiral mixers; planetary mixers; bread slicers; soft separators; ovens; grills; teflon belt grills; smokers; kilns; bandsaws; predusters; tempura dippers; bottling; silent cutters; smoke houses; guillotines; block flakers; filleting machines; roll moulders; batter mixers; plate freezers; heading and gutting machinery; skinners; poultry processing plants; injectors; tumblers; batter enrobers; pluckers; stunners; slaughter and evisceration equipment; defeathering and plucking machines; forming machines; breading; battering and frying lines; coating and enrobing lines; roll plants; convenience food systems; bakery ovens; dough sheeting; flour dusting and crumbing; deck ovens; flo freezers; contact freezers; bread moulders; separators; vacuum fillers and piston fillers; canning equipment; equipment to manufacture hot dogs; franks; wieners; sausages; smoked sausage etc; depositors; pastry rollers; biscuit and confectionery equipment; chocolate and toffee equipment; sweets and confectionary plants; packing equipment; shuttle conveyers; 90° turns; 180° conveyors; naan and pitta bread lines; croissant and Danish make up lines; pizza and ciabatta production lines; baguette and roll plants; packaging equipment such as tray sealers; thermoformers; baggers; VFFS bagging machines; multihead weighers; graders; skin packers; flow wrappers; stretch wrappers and vaccum packers; biscuit machinery; eviscerators; pasty extruders and fillers; laminators; sheeters; silo; frozen food lines etc etcWe only deal with brand name manufacturers such as: Alpina; Tipper-tie; Laska; Baader; Seydelmann; VMK; Dantech; Frigoscandia; JBT; Double D; K&G; CFS; Deighton; Stork; GEA; Meyn; Marel; Magurit; Deleschal; AFOS: Bizerba; Trio; TempuMixer; Food Machinery Company; Multivac; Sealpac; Pro Seal; Crypto Peerless; OptiCoater; OptiDipper; Packaging Automation; Grasso; Sabroe; Fritsch; EasyFry; Wet Coater; Tempura Dipper; Frick; Rademaker; Loma; Cintex; Gunther; Kliklok; Inject Star; Polin; Tromp; Easy Crumb; Formatic; PerFormer; Forming Plates; Combi Flour; Easy Flour; Bradman Lake; CrumbMaster; EconoCrumb; CFS SmartPacker; Multiformer; EasyFormer; Fatosa; MTC; Foster; Esmach; VMI; Spooner; Benier; Polin; Cretel; Stock; Werner Pfleiderer; Mono; Tom Chandley; Kemper; Sottoriva; Rotomat; Biro; AM2C; Lima; CombiGrind; ComboGrind; Oddy; Mateline; Crypto; UniGrind; PowerGrind; AutoGrind; Powerpak; Ryco; AJA; Thurne; Meca; Reiser; Mepaco; Pokomat; Trio; FMC; Koch; Omori; Fomaco; Boyds; BFM; Formax; Stein; GMC; Formatic; Treif; Hollymatic; Holac; Lagarde; DC Norris; AEW; Scanvaegt; Cozzini; Torry; Baltimore; Evapco; Linco; Saxon; Doboy; Bettcher; Sandiacre; Bosch; Ilapack; Prima; Corrvac; C.P; Geba; CVP; Steriflow; Baynflax; Apple; Turbo Tools; Pisces; Steen; Ferrum; Regal; Koppens; CFS; Boyd International; Townsend; Jacob White; Mecnosud; Iozelli; Risco Brevetti; Frey; Handtmann; Vemag; Orbital; Rademaker; Abacus Foods; Germo; Wolfking; Dorit; Syspal; Cox and Plant; Rijkaart; Challenge; Heller; Blentech; Mondini; Cap Cold; Cryovac; PA; Rondo; Dodge; Sewar; MAP; Cabinplant; Carnitech; BCH; Dixie Union; Webomatic; Stephan; KS; Karl Schnell; Weber; Guisti; Omet; GEI Turbo; Urschel; Wrightfield; llpra; Yamato; Butcher Boy; Ulma; Delford; Total; Eilert; Ishida; Winkler; Tiromat; York; APV; Starfrost; Stal; Glass; Amritsu; Atlas; Orbmix; Revent; Scotsman; Ziegra; Pietroberto; Rheon; Schrofner; Formcook; Florigo; Grote; Easiweigh; Daub; Orbit; Escher; Ness;Hobart; Koma; Williams; Becketts; Gernal; Lutetia; Alco; Scansteel; Ruhle; Terlet; Maurer; Kilia; Brook; Varlet; Heuft; Millers; Coat and Fry; Heat and Control; Frigo; Wanson; Simo; Weiler; Beehive; Kaj Olesen; Kartridge Pac; Protecon; Second hand CFS machines; Safeline; Kronen; Busch; FTC; Graselli; CookStar; TurboCook; CombiGrill; Twin grill; Berief; Rotoclaw; Metalquimia; Carnitech; Maurer-Atmos; Reitschle; Fortuna; WP Haton; Haas - Hecrona; Den Boer; Kaak; Fritsch Euroline; Konig; Diosna; San Cassiano; Red Pack