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The Dovinia DP-4-2m benefits from

– Unique blade lubrication system does not create oil fog and pollute inside, but allows to slice even very sticky bread like rye or scalded bread.

– Blades are changed in few minutes, nothing is needed to be unscrewed or dismantled.

– Because of optimal engineering solutions there is a very simple and easy maintanance on the machine.

– Unlike analogues of other manufacturers there is an option for quick change of slice thikness in DP-4-2M.

– Self clean and lubrication of blades with automatic tensioner by pneumatics.

– Touch screen allows to visualize and operate the device much faster and easier.

– Easy integration into our automated lines.


Length of bread: 100-400 mm;

Height of bread: 60-130 mm;

Width of bread: 70-250 mm;

Slice thickness: 12 mm;*

Power input: 5 kW;

Power supply: 380 V, 50Hz;

Air supply: 0,2 m3/min, 0,6Mpa;

Capacity (depending on products): till 50 vnt. /min;

Weight: 750 kg;



Width: 900 mm;

Length: 2600 mm;

Height: 2200 mm.

* – other slicing thickness are available in agreement with customer