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The abrasive peeler is equipped with an inlet chute. The 10 peeler rollers, arranged in a roller bed, are driven by frequency controlled motors. 5 peeling rollers run in opposite direction against the other 5 peeling rollers, with multi-ribbed belts.


All peeling rollers can be very easily dismantled because of a unique clamping device, you only have to loosen the end bearing at the discharge to remove the abrasive peeling roller (loosening of expander arrangements at drive and discharge ends).

Simple side access is ensured by removing large side doors on either side of the machine.


The rollers are provided with long-lasting carborundum coating, the specification of which can be adapted to the product to be peeled (grades – course, medium, fine to be advised). The roller design can be supplied with “swing ring” features for specific produce requirements, e.g. to prevent flat spot peeling with potatoes.


The retention time in the peeler is controlled by means of a horizontal auger screw. The auger screw is fitted above the roller bed over the whole length of the peeling section and is driven by a frequency controlled motor.


A spray nozzle circuit is fitted above the auger screw and with a minimum amount of fresh or recycled water the rollers are / product is kept clean.


Top of the peeler is provided with a safety protection screen, allowing for visual inspection of peeling operation and easy cleaning.

All peeling waste is collected in a pan beneath the rollers with one central discharge point.


The peeler is completely manufactured in stainless steel 304 throug­hout, except for motors, bearings, etc.