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These agitator tilting kettles are entirely made of high quality stainless steel and are suitable for cooking food such as meat and potatoes, as well as soups, sauces and ready-made meals.

The RKK – EG is an electrically heated agitator tilting kettle with built-in steam generator. The agitator kettle works according to the principle whereby electrical heating elements generate steam, in order to evenly and most effectively heat the inner kettle.

Advantages buit-in steam generator:

 very good heat transfer

 fast heat up times

 “burn on” prevention of product

 lower energy consumption

 prevention of temperature overshoot after reaching setpoint.


Capacity: 300 litres.

Electrically heated, power is 19.8 kW.

Bottum and side wall heated.

Max. steampressure is 1,4 bar (126,3 °C).

Inside dimensions: Ø900 x 500 mm.

Outside dimensions: 2060 x 1200 x 1300 mm.

Only premium high quality stainless steel.

Mantle and inner kettle insulated.

Automatic tiltable.

Tilting height 720 mm. Suitable for 200 litre standard trolleys

Cover (lid) opens and closes automatically.

Waterinlet with flowmeter.

Stainless steel adjustable legs.

Agitator is easily removeable with a quick device change.

Agitator 2,2 kW.

Easy oparating microprocessor ADITEC MIC 821 control in waterproof stainless steel housing.

ADITEC MIC 821 microprocessor:

 Produkttemperature

 Cooking time and preheat time

 Hold temperature

 99 programs with max 20 programsteps

 Automatically or manually to next step

 Manually to next step => a signal sounds

 Speed of agitator continuously adjustable from 10 to 60 RPM

 Agitatorpatern is programmable

 Function Slow RPM (agitator operates with open lid, 10 RPM)

 Automatically filled with water tot he required volume (water flowsensor)

 Optionally, the agitator tilting kettle can be offered with a cooling facility