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The onions are fed into the hopper and are transported up via adjustable fingers. A wiper system assures that onions are singulated before they are positioned in cups with which move into the peeling section. The capacity can be up to ± 85-110 onions per minute depending on the operators experience and the quality of the product to be peeled.

An operator has to position the onion horizontally in the cup, after which the onion is topped and tailed via the top- and tail knives that dynamically follow the shape of the onion.  As the onion moves through the peeling section it is kept in the cup via an adjustable pressure system.

An incision cutting mechanism makes a horizontal incision at the back and at the front of the onion to ease the removal of the outer skin of the onion. The depth of the cutting can be set to cut one or more layers depending on the required quality.

After the horizontal incisions have been made the Magnetic Driven peeling wheel takes the onion off the cup and rotates the onion, completely frictionless, in a double horizontal Magnetic Driven onion holder. All rotating, clamping and opening actions of the Magnetic Driven peeling wheel occur completely frictionless, based on magnetism, without springs, belts or components.

While rotating the onion around its own axes, another incision is made around the entire circumference of the onion. The incision depth can be regulated so that either one or more layers can be cut.

A directed jet of air, limiting the air consumption, blows the cut skins from the onions. The waste is transported to a waste hopper via a funnel. The out-feed of the peeler has an adjustable centrifugal fan, which keeps the loose skins in the machine and separates them from the peeled onions.


The peeler is completely made in stainless steel 304, except motor drives, bearings etc. and equipped with fully enclosed bearings

The peeler/cup chain can handle onions with a diameter of ± 60-120 mm, but to obtain good peeling results it is better to pre-size the onions; the diameter difference should not be more then ± 20 mm (1”). Also the onions should be of a reasonable quality, in general round shape and deleafed product.






The peeler can handle:

± 85-110 onions per minute depending on the size of the onions, person(s) feeding/positioning the onions and feed system to ensure steady flow of onions.