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The peeled, pre-sized  and inspected potatoes are transported /dosed onto the segmenting machine in 4 lanes (singulined) with a dosing singulator. The dosing singulator can be set at different angles to the segmenter to adapt to the singulation of smaller and bigger size potatoes. The singulator is equipped with 4 wipers to be sure of correct singulation of the potatoes.


The potatoes drop one by one onto the transporting rollers in 4 rows. The transporting rollers are  shaped in such a way that the potatoes are aligned lengthwise. By means of a double finger system each potato is positioned/centered symmetric before cutting.


The rollers with 4 row-aligned and centered potatoes are transported continually forward onto a knife block section to cut the potatoes depending on knife block:

  • · In halves             ( 2 ) pieces/ 8 knives
  • · In quarters          ( 4 ) pieces/ 8 x 2 knives = 16 knives
  • · In 6 – cut             ( 6 ) pieces/ 8 x 3 knives = 24 knives
  • · In 8 – cut             ( 8 ) pieces / 8 x 4 knives = 32 knives


On request it is also possible to apply a combined segmenting knife block section. This way it is possible to cut potatoes in two lanes into 2 pieces and two lanes into 4 pieces, or an other cut.

Default the segmenting machine will be delivered with one knife block to cut the potatoes into quarters. By means of one knife block in one stroke, 8 potatoes are cut. The knife block is driven with our Continuous Processing Technology to insure a long life span, a smooth running and a minimum of maintenance.


Technical data:

Feeding in height         :   900 mm

Feeding out height      :   900 mm

Total length                 : 2800 mm

Total width                   : 1350 mm

Drive segmenter         : one motor 1,1 kW

Air connection             : 1/8” connection

Capacity                      : ± 20.000 – 30.000 potatoes per hour