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Sovereign 140 labelling machine with A 1,500mm length of 200mm width belt conveyor able to handle containers up to
135mm wide is mounted onto a substantial space frame body. The conveyor sides,product guide rails and body are in stainless steel. The head is self contained and suitable for die cut labels with 3mm gaps on an automatic dispensing quality carrier. To improve the control of the labels an “S” roller drive system is fitted. An optical detector, fitted onto a simple to adjust slide, is used to detect the gap between labels. A further optical sensor is provided to detect the
product. Both sensors are solid state and are fitted with their own sensitivity adjustment. A 400-watt AC servomotor controls the delivery of the label from 0 to 60 metres per minute. As standard, label reels of up to 300mm outside diameter with 76.2mm inside diameter cores are required. Label winding can be either inside or outside. Machine controls are effected by an operator touch screen interface.