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Refurbishments & Upgrades

Tired of hearing that your machine is obsolete and that you need to look at  a replacement?

Fountain Food Machinery are able to Refurbish all makes & models of Metal Detector and Checkweigher, prolonging the life of your equipment and helping you steer clear of that CapEx approval. 

We also offer upgrades for all makes & models of equipment to comply with any major Supermarket requirements, these include:

  • Reject Confirmation & Test Switch
  • Reject Bin Full & Test Switch
  • Timed Bin Lock Monitor
  • Air Pressure Fail alarm
  • Controlled restart via Key Switch, Password or Fingerprint
  • Audio and visual detection alarm
  • Metal Detector Head Fail alarm
  • QA test set at pre-determined intervals either by time or product count
  • Test pack verification, inc. ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel

Whilst any upgrade work is being carried out, we also offer the option of a rental machine to ensure you don’t suffer the costs of downtime. Find more details regarding rental here and a stock available machines here.

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